Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Roads & Bridges

Ideal Township maintains approximately 49 miles of road. All township roads have a maximum speed limit of 30 mph unless otherwise posted. Please be considerate of pedestrians, bicyclers and other drivers by driving safely at all times.

All paved township roads have a weight limit of 9 tons per axle. The township does not post lower limits seasonally.

To report trees down or snow drifts blocking roads:
contact the sheriff's office - 218.829.4749.
Or during business hours call the road maintenance department - 218.543.4363

Where to put snow from your driveway

When clearing driveways, please remember it is unlawful to place snow in the road right of way - even on township roads. Doing so potentially creates a safety hazard for motorists and road crews. Under MN Statute 160.27 subd. 5, it is a misdemeanor to deposit snow or ice in a road right of way. The law also considers it littering to place snow or ice in a right of way, which is punishable as a misdemeanor - MN Statute 169.42. If an owner or occupant continually violates these prohibitions, in addition to the cost recovery procedures the legislature made available in MN Statute 366.016, the board can also consider contacting the sheriff's department for possible action under the criminal statutes.

Traffic surveys

The township has partnered with Breezy Point to survey area traffic patterns through the use of a traffic monitoring system that will be used in various locations throughout the township. Click to see the results of some traffic surveys completed:

Ossawinimakee Road
Butternut Point Road
Rutger Road

Recent Projects

The upgrade of Old Whiskey Road is complete. The road has been widened in some areas, trees & power poles have been removed from the edge of the road, and the entire road has been resurfaced. These upgrades will improve the safety and durability of the road.

A portion of Forest Knolls Road has been patched and resurfaced to repair some soft spots that have been a problem over the years resulting in potholes. In addition, a section of the ditch has been modified to eliminate drainage problems at the intersection of Forest Knolls and West Clear Lake Road.

If you have comments or questions about these projects or any township roads & bridges, please contact Dave Peterson, the town clerk, or any supervisor.

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