Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Year in Review 2010

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The township has accomplished much during 2010. Thanks to all who helped get these projects done for the community.

Fire Department::

  • Established 1st Responder Team
  • Established Fire Department website –
  • Finished paying for pumper truck purchased in 2009.
  • New grass rig purchased, equipped, and deployed.

Transfer Station::

  • Updated Transfer Station Disposal Guide for 2011.
  • Added signage to help direct users.
  • Continued effort to eliminate visitors/loitering.
  • Negotiated better metal salvage agreement.


  • Completed two miles of road paving & 8 miles of crack sealing.
  • Purchased new plow truck and sold the old truck.
  • Completed final details of reconstructed intersections along Silver Peak Road.
  • Completed updated joint powers agreement with Breezy Point.

Parks & Recreation::

  • Installed crosswalk between town hall & park for added pedestrian safety.
  • Participated in planning for historical fire dept display project.


  • Completed FY2010 with balanced budget.
  • Annexation/incorporation committee meetings held.
  • Participated in & received two attachment proceedings adding 640 acres to Ideal Township.
  • Continued evaluation of public facility upgrade requirements for Boyd Lodge development.
  • Received a $18000 grant for Rollie Johnson Island erosion control project for Big Island.
  • Participated in development of new county tower ordinance.
  • Successful audit with no major issues.
  • Investigated and commented on all requested planning & zoning variances and rezoning requests.
  • Participated in development of updated county planning & zoning ordinances.
  • No Safety incidents or injuries.

- John Plein, 3/5/2011


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