Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Year in Review 2008

Friday, January 23, 2009

The township has accomplished much during 2008. Thanks to all who helped get these projects done for the community.

  • Fire Department::
    - Approved Ideal Fire Dept. request of $335,000 for new fire equipment vehicle.
    - Turned over old maintenance service area to fire department.
    - Added two 6 x6 canopies over entry doors at North side Fire station.
  • Transfer Station::
    - Developed new Transfer Station Disposal Guide.
    - Eliminated visitors/loitering.
    - Started new Cardboard Recycling program.
    - Installed new Township Transfer Station sign on County road #16.
    - Expanded information on township website.
  • Roads::
    - Completed new 60 x 80 Maintenance building with security system for $197,000
    - Received license agreement for vehicle turnaround at end of Butternut Point Road.
    - Donated $1000 to County toward new speed monitors that can be used on Township roads.
    - Accepted new Lane's addition road.
    - Completed $200,000 of township road resurfacing and crack sealing work.
  • Miscellaneous::
    - Worked on requested annual meeting annexation/incorporation concern issue.
    - Continued evaluation of public facility upgrade requirements for new Boyd Lodge development.
    - Worked on Township agreement with new Boyd's Lodge development by Lands End.
    - Received a $5000 grant for Rollie Johnson Island erosion control for Big Island.
    - Commented on Army Corps of Engineer's new operating plan for the Whitefish Chain.
    - No Safety incidents or injuries.
    - Successful audit with no major issues.
    - Successful General Election with high turn out and no issues.
    - Commented on all requested Variances and rezoning requests.

- John Plein, 1/23/09


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